How to Apply

Undergraduate Degree Programs



I. General Requirement


1. Applicants must hold a foreign passport. For those who were Chinese citizens before (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents), they must meet the following requirements: A. holding a foreign passport for at least four years before application. B. having a learning record in a foreign high school or college for at least two years after getting the foreign passport.

2. High school certificate, age 17~30.

3. Health status meets the requirements of medical majors.




II. Materials for applications



A. Chinese Scholarship Applicants (CSC)
Please consult the local Chinese Embassy for the detailed information of applying for CSC scholarship.



B. Self-pay applicants


1. Application Form: please visit our website download the form. It is in Chinese and please fill in it with black pens.

2. High school certificate or a studying certificate for those who haven’t yet graduated.

3. High school transcript, official version.

4. Copy of your valid passport, and Chinese visa page (if you have).

5. Economic proof, a bank certificate with at least 400,000RMB or above.

6. Health test results (must contain a test of the hepatic status).

7. HSK certificate with level 5 or above (within the valid date).

8. Four recent photos (official ones, 2.6cm*3.9cm).

9. For applicants under the age of 18, a custodian proof and a copy of the custodians’ passport are needed.




III. Application Process



A. Chinese Scholarship Applicants (CSC)
If you are granted the CSC scholarship by the local Chinese embassy and want to apply for our university, please send the photocopies of your application materials to We will have an examination of your application and decide whether you will be admitted. Once you are admitted, we will send you the pre-admission letter.


B. Self-pay applicants


1. Time of application: from March 1st to April 30th.

2. Address (mail or onsite application)
Room 120, International Student Dormitory, International Student Division, Office of International Cooperation, PUHSC, NO. 38 Xueyuan Rd, Haidian District, Beijing, PRC 100191.


3. Entrance Exam And Interview:
Time: May 19th and 20th, 2018. Detailed time and place, please wait for our notice.
Subjects: Math, Physics and Chemistry, all in Chinese language.
For those with BA or BS, they don’t have sit this exam and will be admitted based on their application materials only.


4. Application Fee: 800 RMB (cash), please pay when you apply or attend the exam.



IV. Admission and Registration

1. Admission: We will admit those who rank in the top of entrance exam and publish the result on our website in June, 2018. The admission letter and visa application form will be mailed to the students in late June, 2018.
2. Registration: please register in PUHSC on the  date shown on the admission letter. Students must enter China with X1 visa, and register with the JW202 form and admission letter in our office. 



V. Tuition and Accommodation Fee 


A. Chinese Scholarship Applicants (CSC)
The tuition and accommodation are exempted. CSC students are provided with double-bed room (two students share a room) for free. They will receive 2500RMB allowances monthly.


B. Self-pay applicants (About 10,0000RMB a year in total)

1. Tuition: 45,000RMB per year per student;
2. Accommodation: 70-80RMB per day per student (single room);
3. Assurance Fee: 600RMB per year per student; mainly for accidents;
4. Other costs: text books, transportation, meals and medical care are all self-paid.



Masteral and Doctoral Degree Programs

Please see the admission guide and major list at the website of PUHSC graduate school at:



Preparatory Programs

It is a one year program for those with HSK 4 and have limited knowledge on math, physics and chemistry. For details of application, please visit:



Continuing Education Programs

1. Short-term clinical exchange program, which lasts 2 ~8 weeks. The tuition for each week is 1250RMB/Person.
2. One year clinical programs, for details, please visit: