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Center of Postmarketing Safety Evaluation PUHSC

NameCenter of Postmarketing Safety Evaluation PUHSC




Research field:

Drug safety policy and management, evidence-based decision making, pharmacoepidemiology, medicinal Administration, drug safety evaluation


Research directions:

  1. Provide consultations for central and local governments, including Ministry of Health, SFDA and NDRC.
  2. Carry out training program specially designed for supervisors, enterprise staff and researchers.
  3. Methodology Study: Carry out methodology researches of pharmaco-epidemiology, for instance database mining, safety signals detection and analysis and so on.
  4. Make methodology guideline of Post-Marketing Study to provide the basis for government’s policy-making.
  5. Conduct safety evaluation of innovative drugs, essential drugs, Chinese medicine injections and high-risk drugs on commission of state and enterprise.


Director: Siyan Zhan


Contact: Feng Sun

E-mail: sunfeng@hsc.pku.edu.cn

Tel: (+86)10-82801191-1055

Address: Room 519, School of Public Health Building Peking University Health Science Center, 38 Xue Yuan Road, Beijing, China. Post Code: 100191