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Peking University Cancer Research Center

Name: Peking University Cancer Research Center




Research field:



Research directions:

  1. Early detection and molecule subtyping of precancerous lesions, discovery of driver factors in carcinogenesis, and intervention study to reduce cancer incidence;
  2. Optimization of approaches and development of biomarkers for early diagnosis of cancer;
  3. Development of individualized diagnostic and treatment scheme through development of cancer prognosis and prediction biomarkers and cancer stratification;
  4. Developments of novel approaches for effective cancer therapy and corresponding effect-evaluation system.


Director:Prof. Ji, Jiafu

E-mail: jiafuj@hotmail.com

Tel: 010-88196896


Contact: Zhang Huanping

Email: kjc126@163.com

Tel: 010-88196719

Address: 52 Fucheng Rd, Haidian District, Beijing, 100142, China