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Doctor Zhao Hui of People’s Hospital hastens to DPRK for Medical Rescue

  Peking University, April 28, 2018:On April 23, 2018, a serious traffic accident occurred in North Hwanghae Province of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, resulting in Chinese tourists’ heavy casualties. 

  In response to National Health Commission’s emergency medical arrangement, on April 23, 2018, as a member of national medical expert group along with specialists from other three hospitals, Doctor Zhao Hui of Peking University People’s Hospital hastened to DPRK to give medical rescue assistance.

  Doctor Zhao Hui, the archiater of thoracic surgery of People’s Hospital, has rich experience in surgical treatment of benign and malignant thoracic diseases, chest trauma care, and so on. What’s more, this was the fourth time for him to carry out the emergency rescue mission.

  Surmounting difficulties in local personnel, technical level, infrastructures and so on, Doctor Zhao Hui, together with the medical expert group, has splendidly completed the mission of treatment, transportation, and supervision of the wounded, and successively shifted the condition of patients.


Treatment Scene

  Yang Feng, chairman of Beijing Emergency Office, who also took part in the mission, highly affirmed Zhao Hui’s emergent expedition as a response to the country’s call and his outstanding accomplishment of the rescue mission.

  On April 27, after finishing the 5 day’s medical rescue mission in DPRK, Zhao Hui triumphally returned to Beijing. Workers from Administration Office, Medical Services Management Department,  and Thoracic Surgery of People’s Hospital welcomed him at the airport.


Triumphant return

  People’s Hospital has its own spirit of honesty, love and responsibility. Every time when the country was struck by serious disasters, when people’s life safety was damaged, medical workers from People’s Hospital rushed to the front line of disaster relief with unshakable responsibility and cured the wounded with consummate medical skills, manifesting the responsibility of a university hospital.    








  Written by:Wang Xiaokun

  Edited by: Hu Rong

  Source: PKU News (Chinese)