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Peking University Hepatology Institute

Name: Peking University Hepatology Institute




Research field:

Basic research, experimental diagnosis and medical care of liver diseases.


Research directions:

Study of epidemiology and factors influencing the progression of HCV infection, optimizing treatment for difficult-to-treat hepatitis C.

Development of therapeutic vaccines against HCV and hepatocellular carcinoma, development novel anti-HBV drugs.

Molecular and immunological mechanisms of HCC pathogenesis, metastasis and recurrence.

Establishment of reference materials of HCV for experimental diagnosis.

Stem cell therapy for liver diseases.


Director: Wei Lai


Contact: Wang Jianghua

Email: to_wjh@163.com

Tel: 010-88325726

Address: Peking University Hepatology Institute, Xizhimen South Street 11th, Xizhimen District, Beijing, 100044, P. R. China