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National Institute on Drug Dependence

  National Institute on Drug Dependence (NIDD), Peking University, specially engages in scientific research on drug dependence and drug abuse, aiming to serve the solution of national drug control and drug detoxification by offering advice to the government authorities concerning the administration of drugs with dependence potential and abuse liability and drug abuse prevention and treatment.

  Drug abuse is a public scourge puzzling the whole world. Many regions in China have been encountering drug abuse problems in succession since 1980s, which caused great vigilance of the government. Due to the severe situation, in 1984, seven ministries, including Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Security, etc., submitted a joint report claiming that MOH should establish a drug dependence research center to strengthen the research on the dependence potential and abuse liability of narcotics and psychotropic drugs and to reinforce the control of new drug approval in such category. In the same year, approved by the State Council, the National Research Center on Drug Dependence in Beijing Medical University was set up by MOH.

  In 1988, to meet the needs of the development in drug dependence research and drug abuse prevention, MOH upgraded the center to be the National Institute on Drug Dependence. After nearly 30 years of success, it has developed into a general research institution conducting preclinical and clinical studies on drug dependence and drug abuse, monitoring the condition of national drug abuse, collecting information on drug dependence and compiling journals and science books in this field.

  NIDD affiliated to Peking University is under the jurisdiction of National Narcotics Control Commission, MOH and the State Food and Drug Administration in vocational work.


  Director: Lu Lin


  Contact: Zhao Dong

  Email: zhaod@bjmu.edu.cn

  Office: 010-82801341

  Address: National Institute on Drug Dependence, Peking University Health Science Center, 38 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing,100191,P. R. China.