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Undergraduate Programs

  Undergraduate programs leading to a bachelor’s degree in Medical Science are offered in the following areas: clinical medicine, stomatology.

  1. Clinical Medicine: 6years

  The main subjects:

  Mathematics Pharmacology

  Physics Diagnostic medicine

  Inorganic Chemistry Internal Medicine

  Organic Chemistry Surgery

  Biology Obstetrics and Gynecology

  Human Anatomy Pediatrics

  Histology and Embryology Infectious Diseases

  Physiology Neurology

  Biochemistry Psychiatry

  Microbiology Ophthalmology

  Immunology Otolaryngology

  Pathology Dermatology

  Medical Forensic

  Internship in the sixth year

  2.Stomatology: 6 years

  The main subjects:

  Medical Chemistry Oral Anatomy

  Human Anatomy Oral Histopathology

  Histology and Embryology Oral X-ray Diagnostics

  Physiology Oral Material Medicine

  Biochemistry Oral Internal Medicine

  Psychology Oral Restoration

  Diagnostics Dentofacial Surgery

  Internal Medicine Oral Orthodontics

  Surgery Oral Prevention and Health Care

  Pediatrics Oral Pharmacology

  Internship in the sixth year