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PKUHSC Holds 2023 High Quality Development Strategy Seminar


  From March 17th to 18th, on the occasion of the successful conclusion of China’s “Two Sessions”, PKU Medicine faculty and staff gathered at the location of the future Huaimi Medical Center to hold PKUHSC 2023 High-quality Development Strategy Seminar. Present at the meeting were all the members of PKUHSC’s leadership team, as well as all the heads and deputy heads of various colleges, hospitals, functional departments, and directly affiliated units, who jointly reviewed the achievements in the past year, studied the overall deployment and macro-layout of PKU Medicine for the future, and planned the blueprint for high-quality development of PKU Medicine.


  At the meeting, PKUHSC Executive Deputy Party Secretary Xu Shandong, Vice presidents Duan Liping, Wang Weimin, Xiao Yuan, Liu Xiaoguang, Wang Jiadong, and Sun Zhili, Deputy Party Secretary Zhu Shumei, and Deputy Party Secretary and Discipline Inspection Secretary Zhang Lixin delivered speeches respectively.


  Wan You, Dean and Party Secretary of the School of Basic Medical Sciences, Zhou Demin, Dean of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zhan Siyan, Dean of the School of Public Health, Lu Hong, Party Secretary of the School of Nursing, and Zhou Cheng, Dean of the School of Medical Humanities, respectively made work reports on party building, education and teaching, scientific research, discipline construction, and talent team.

  The heads of directly affiliated hospitals and co-constructed hospitals also delivered reports and discussed on various issues including performance appraisal, refined management, peak discipline construction, high-quality talent introduction, expanding space and scale, and hospital culture construction in national tertiary public hospitals.

  Following the special reports, participants were divided into eight groups for group discussions to further gather strength, clarify development, analyze issues, and refine measures.


  Finally, Qiao Jie, Executive Vice President of PKU and President of PKUHSC, summarized and commented on the meeting by describing it as "forward-looking, cohesive, collaborative and innovative, courageous and progressive". She made deployment concerning "space management", "platform construction", "talent cultivation", and "mechanism and system innovation", the four aspects more focused on group discussions.

  The 2023 Development Strategy Seminar has promoted the practice of Chinese path to modernization of PKUHSC and opened a new page of high-quality development of PKU Medicine.!




  Written by: Wu Zhaoxia

  Edited by: LiuXin

  Source: Office of Publicity