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Dialogue Between PKU Medicine and "New England Journal of Medicine AI"


  On the afternoon of November 15, 2023, the "Cross-disciplinary Face-to-Face" themed exchange of PKU Medicine - "Dialogue with New England Journal of Medicine AI" was held in the Qiongyuan Lecture Hall of Peking University Medical Library. This event invited more than 100 relevant experts and scholars, including Dr. Charlotte Haug, Executive Editor of New England Journal of Medicine AI (NEJM AI) and Dr. Zhao Jianfei, Editor in China.


  Charlotte Haug, Executive Editor of NEJMAI, delivered a keynote report titled 'Artificial Intelligence and Clinical Research: The NEJM AI Perspective', providing inspiring insights and suggestions on the opportunities and challenges of applying artificial intelligence to clinical research. The attending experts and scholars had a lively exchange and discussion with Charlotte Haug on the hot topics of NEJM AI articles, including the standardization for the application of AI technology in clinical trials, clinical data policies, ethical issues, and future development prospects.

  In order to provide opportunities for further in-depth communication between various disciplinary teams and the NEJM AI executive editing team, a one-on-one closed-door meeting was arranged for their academic exchange. In this session, the executive editor of NEJM AI had face-to-face closed-door meetings respectively with the interdisciplinary research teams of clinical research and artificial intelligence led by Academician Wang Jun from PKU People's Hospital, Professor Tang Yida from PKU Third Hospital, Professor Zhu Jun from PKU Cancer Hospital, Professor Yue Weihua from PKU Sixth Hospital, and Professor Wu Yangfeng from PKU Clinical Research Institute. Each team had in-depth discussions with the NEJM AI team on their research projects and technical characteristics of their research fields.

  The interdisciplinary integration is an inevitable result of knowledge development and social practice needs. Its development path will continue to support the high-quality development of medical disciplines at Peking University so as to promote the construction of a technological power.





  Written by: Wu Zhaoxia

  Edited by: LiuXin

  Source: Discipline Construction Office, PKUHSC