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PKU Medicine’s First Class of Candidates for Pharm. D Finishes Thesis Defense

  In May 2020, two candidates for Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D) successfully finished their thesis defense, which marked a smooth development of our university’s pilot training of the first class of Pharm. Ds. This is the pilot project of Peking University’s comprehensive reform of deepening diploma postgraduate education.

  The two candidates have made fruitful achievements in both application and scientific research. In the research and administrative practice of drug therapy for Parkinson’s disease, under the guidance of Professor Zhai Suodi’s team, Dr. Yi Zhanmiao first set up the medication administration process for patients with Parkinson’s disease with the model of physician-pharmacist joint outpatient service. She built patient analysis and evaluation through evidence of evidence-based medicine and made appraisals of medication administration based on the framework of complicated interventions development and evaluation, so as to ensure the proper medication for patients with Parkinson’s disease. She has also published several research papers of practical significance of guidance, and won PKU’s academic innovation award.


  Dr. Yi Zhanmiao finishes her doctoral thesis defense

  Dr. Liu Zhiyan, under the guidance of Professor Cui Yimin’s team, initiated a multi-centered simultaneous study of the efficacy of anti-coagulation drugs led by pharmacists, which laid the theoretical foundation for optimization of treatment plan and individualized treatment for thrombosis. She also applied research into clinical practice, and published several research papers on optimizing clinical individualized medication for anti-coagulation patients. She actively cooperated with her supervisor and clinical team to put research findings into clinical translation. A kit for hemostasis and coagulation test is in the process of development.


  Dr. Liu Zhiyan finishes her doctoral thesis defense online

  There are now ten doctoral supervisors and 17 doctoral candidates in PKU applied pharmaceutics. The Department of Pharmacy Administration and Clinical Pharmacy will further develop the interdisciplinary pilot training of applied Pharm. D, so as to train high-level talents in proper medication with good professional qualities and innovative spirits.




  Written by: Lang Lang

  Edited by: Liu Xin

  Source: PKU School of Pharmaceutical Sciences